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My name is Elizabeth Eades Guerrero, I am a Regional Safety Manager with Tyson Foods responsible for supporting facilities on the east coast and internationally. Doris Collier recently contacted me and asked that I would send you a short e-mail concerning my experience with Magic Feet (formally known as Happy Feet, LLC). It is my honor to do so.

Iíve been involved with the Magic Feet insoles for about 7 years. I was first introduced to them when Doris and her husband came to the facility where I was the Safety Supervisor to fit/sell them to our Team members. I can honestly tell you from that first encounter with the insoles and the feedback from the Team members I was hooked and have worked diligently to introduce every location that I now support to the product.

Doris and her husband have been to Tyson de Mexico with the Magic Feet insoles were the upper management also fell in love with the insoles. Recently I sent several cases to Tyson do Brazil to introduce the insoles to our Team Members at those locations. Every location in Tyson Foods supports the Magic Feet Insole product and offers them to the Team members. State side I support facilities in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia and in every one of these facilities youíll find Team members wearing the insoles!

We support the product for various reasons. One, for ease of use. It is a very personal product and you donít have Team members looking for ergonomic mats to stand on, hiding them, tripping over them, etc. The ergonomic mat is in their shoe/boot! Second, costs. The cost of the insoles is considerably less than the cost of ergonomic mats that are thrown away by sanitation, go down the drain, or hidden by Team members and must be replaced. Third, medical considerations. The stress relief, adjustment to the back/shoulders, and alignment to the spine that is achieved by wearing the insoles provides such a intense relief to the Team members that they have less stress, more productive and happier!

For myself and Tyson Foods, we believe you canít go wrong using the Magic Feet insole.

Elizabeth A. Eades-Guerrero


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