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Lower Back Pain

Common Causes & Reliable Remedies
Sooner or later, lower back pain hits almost everyone. Consider the statistics:

Fifteen million American adults currently suffer lower back pain.

More than 85 percent of adults have periods of intermittent or chronic back pain.

In excess of 370,000 work-related back injuries occur annually.
Each year, Americans lose 93 million days of work, at a cost of $11 billion, due to low back injuries. They spend another $5 to $24 billion in direct medical expenses.

Furthermore, these statistics represent only the tip of the proverbial iceberg because most people who suffer chronic back pain don’t complain—they suffer in silence.

Despite this sobering picture, John S. Gillick, M.D., who treats and researches muscle/nerve and fibromyalgia type disorders in San Diego, explains that back pain can be reduced or eliminated and back health maintained – by modifying several common daily behaviors.

Uncorrected Foot Problems

1. Backache that occurs with prolonged standing or walking.
2. Pain that radiates down the outside of the hip to the knee or further.
3. Hip “clicking” that occurs with squatting or climbing?

TEST: Is the height of the foot’s arch as high when it bears full body weight in a relaxed, standing position as it is when the foot just lightly touches the floor? Push the back part of a pen gently under the relaxed arch before standing—does the arch fall and press down hard on the pen when you stand? When in a standing position, is the Achilles’ tendon perpendicular to the floor or does it angle outward?

WHAT HAPPENS: Flat feet, fatigued arches or arches that sage or flatten with relaxed standing produce imbalance. When the relaxed, standing body does not balance over the center of the feet, the hip and the back muscles compensate. The extra balancing work by the hip (gluteal) and lower back muscles causes low back fatigue/pain and can produce pain that extends from the hip down the side of the leg (false sciatica).

REMEDY: Use proper, flexible foot orthotics (arch supports, not footpads) on a full-time basis to keep the body in neutral balance over comfortable feet.

REMARKS: Uncorrected weakened arches can also cause hip pain, kneecap pain, shin splints, ankle sprains, and/or foot pain in the heels or toes.

In Summary
Simple modifications of daily habits and activities can very positively affect back health. With these simple, behavioral modifications, most chronic back pain can be eliminated, recovery from acute back strains can be accelerated, and vulnerability to future injury can be decreased. The key to back health is prevention, identification and elimination of back health enemies moves you back health account solidly into the black, leaving you in the pink!

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