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These ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED INSOLES have been scientifically engineered to help provide relief to the feet of those who stand or walk for prolonged periods of time on hard surfaces.

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It's Like Having an Ergonomic Mat In Your Shoe Everywhere You Go!
Magic Feet, LLC has dedicated itself to serving men and women in the workplace who stand on their feet for prolonged periods of time and suffer from foot and lower back pain. Spenco provides a state-of-the-art work shoe or boot insole that helps reduce medical costs, increase worker productivity as well as improve employee morale and wellness.

Industrial workplace

Employees such as factory and warehouse employees all share the common foot-related problems due to working on concrete floors. Did you know that constant walking on hard surfaces can cause progressive damage to bones in the foot, especially the heel?

People who work on concrete floors all day may experience relief when using the Spenco Heavy Duty insoles. This industrial insole insulates the foot against the "repetitive shock and impact" experienced on concrete floors. This insole distributes pressure evenly across the entire foot.


Did you know 80% of adults have had lower back pain according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics?

Companies are choosing the Spenco Heavy Duty insole because it is cost-effective and insoles are not trip hazards like floor mats. Having the Spenco Heavy Duty insole in your shoes is like having an ergonomic mat everywhere you walk in the plant! Did you know that the latest studies reveal that 1 out of every 6 worker compensation claims are related to slips, trips, or falls costing your company thousands of dollars?

Podiatric Medical Association

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Womens Business Enterprise


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Additional Options

The Spenco Heavy Duty insole is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. In addition, they are machine washable, and carry a One-Year Unconditional guarantee! They are the perfect solution to tired, achy back and feet.....all the while saving your company money in medical cost and promoting company morale.

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